he broke me

  September 8th, 2018 by Hope Dream Love

i was going through an episode. i cut up my leg. i was filled with anger and hatred. there wasnt much i cared about. until he reminded me that i did care. that the monster i was, wasnt me. i told him that, if he tried to stop me it wouldnt end well. and he asked me what exactly id do. i started to think about it and then i felt the numbness melt away from inside of me and i started to feel sad. i wouldnt ever hurt him yet there i was thinking i would. hes never been anything but nice and hes always been there for me yet the monster inside of me wanted to get rid of him. the monster wanted nothing in the way to stop it. it was going to destroy me. it will come back. it always does. but at least i know there is someone out there that can put the monster back in its cage.

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