September 30th, 2018 by EmptyFuckUp

I often find the opinions of people i don’t know more insightful plus you guys get it.


The other night i met a guy who i feel like could understand me. We only talked for a short amount of time but he did mention suicide. His brother is suicidal, my brother and mother actually did commit suicide and because of that it felt nice that someone else understood. Turned out to be the brother of one of my tattoo artists too. He was sweet, kind, lets face it he was good looking, funny and i think he could really understand the family situations i have to deal with. He gave me his number to message him and i did keeping it casual but i only got one text all day. I’m way past over thinking but its what i do. just kinda proves my theory that I’m an idiot and really shouldn’t have expected anything else i guess

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