How do you guys care

  September 23rd, 2018 by VenusHope

Hi guys, hope you are fairing fine today. What i want to know is how do you guys find it in yourself to care. From what i’ve read, the barrier most of you guys face from the noose is how it’ll impact the people in your lives (Parents, siblings etc) Whether it’ll cause them distress, sadness… i can’t be bothered if my parents and siblings cry their eyes out if i die. Say im selfish all you want, but i just cant care. why does it bother you if it hurts them, you wouldn’t care once you’re dead. nothing would matter once you leave and even if it did affect them, it’s nothing time can’t heal. how egotistical are you to think that your death would matter so much to them (No offense, im sure most of you are worthy and valuable people) but eventually all of us die, so what’s the difference if some of us leave first. I might be blind or something but i can’t see the reasoning behind that train of thought.
Also, i’m currently arguing with my gf. she wants me to take my medication but i dont . the only things the medication does to me is make me forget-temporary bliss. I rather remember what causes me pain then to avoid it hoping to some god that they’ll come to pass. now she’s consulting someone else to convince me to take my pill. why doesn’t she just realise that i’m better off without the pills. just because the doctor says i am to take it doesn’t mean it’s law. once again i might be seriously deluded but i just can’t comprehend why she insists on my medication. Am i that tiring to deal with, am i taking too long to get better. just let me do what i want ffs. am i being selfish? I really dont know

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