I Hate My Parents

  September 23rd, 2018 by robieli

I hate my mother. She among others say life is worth living, however from what I see and what I am, I cannot imagine a greater punishment than can be inflicted on a person than life itself. I wish I was that baby she aborted, I’d prefer them to deal with life’s awfulness, instead of me. Why did I have to be born, I don’t understand. I definitely hate my father. He is a foul, lowlife, useless piece of trash that disgraces the concrete and carpet he walks on. That fact this fraud is my father is shameful and disturbing. I hate them for creating me, and I hope they die a slow painful death, and go to hell for breeding me out of incompetence. I hope to move far away from them someday, and never see them again. They did me dirty bringing me in this world, pretending that they were people I should look up to, and in reality, they should have never had kids, they should have labeled as invalids worthy of shock treatment and lobotomy. They are losers who bred losers, and for that, they are incompetent criminals, a threat to society.

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