I killed myself 4 times today.

  September 6th, 2018 by nothingbutblueskies

I killed myself today. 4 times to be exact. Different every time, but still dying.

It feels like im being sucked into a big black hole where light is non-existing. People I trust the most and need the most, I can feel them drifting away from me. Maybe its because of me, who knows.

Im so tired of being alone. I have nobody to talk to because I feel like i sound like a whimpy pathetic loser, or im bothering them. Like ‘there she goes again, complaining and whining like always’.  Everything I do, just walking feels like a marathon. My body aches, i feel like a zombie. My appetite is basically gone. I have no idea what i am supposed to do, and i feel like its time i get some help or advice or just something on how to go on because honestly, im giving up,

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