Life Isn’t Worth It

  September 26th, 2018 by IrrationalLion

I literally never feel okay. On Friday I went to finally go to the doctors for my depression that I’ve dealt with for 6-7 years and my anxiety that I’ve been dealing with for 3 years now. I obviously didn’t admit im suicidal because I’m pretty sure they would do something about that but they didn’t really take it seriously. She literally said well since its not that serious I recommend going to therapy sessions ( she gave me medicine too so thats good) but I literally told her I feel low about myself and have depressing thoughts daily for a long time now. And due to the fact that not many people know how depressed I am or believe me because I don’t walk around with a sign saying ” hey I’m depressed as shit ” people always assume I’m fine and sit there complaining to me about their problems and even having the nerve to say I don’t understand or I can’t relate. Even the ones who do know will ignore me for months only to come back when they feel like and treat me like shit knowing I’ve clearly got enough on my mind already even though they probably don’t think about it because they don’t put themselves in other peoples shoes. I just kinda wish I was dead already or if I can just wander the world until I find people I like or a place on this earth id want to stay in cause the life im living isn’t worth living to me.

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