My life is worse and worse

  September 10th, 2018 by asperger rebel

Hey guys! I’m here again after many months I wrote my last post. My life is lonely as always. It’s not changed anything. I’m still a virgin and in some months I’ll be 24. Nobody has any interest to talk to me and be my friend. Girls are the same, indifferent and they don’t want to help me to get away from my loneliness. There is a girl in my job who is blond and hot. I like her and I’d love her to be my girlfriend. But after I talked to her for the first time, she started to avoid me. She always ignores me. She realized I’m a creep and probably a virgin. When I remember that she’s like other girls who rejected me in the past, I feel the necessity to kill myself and end this suffering. Fuck my life! How can I change my life if nobody wants to be my friend and no girl wants to be my girlfriend? I don’t know what to do. Fuck!! Fuck!! Holy fucking fuck!!

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