my story :(

  September 26th, 2018 by terenarose

i sit here a domestic violence survivor and victim and I am shattered/broken, and living in pain with a injury that my abusive husband delivered to me a year plus ago and becouse my options are very few ‘i dont have a car, my income in zero, my injury has also been left untreated a year plus, it astounds my soul that i will never recieve assistance or justice and failed by california and society and disgusted at the same time how the so called ‘counselors’ as a domestic violence survivor and victim i want to know do they recieve any training at all?  becouse i seriously question there motives and abilities, i reached out to lifeline yesterday/lastnight because all im going thru and  i was thinking of self harm and this cold woman ‘jennie’ just dismisses me? i am a domestic violence survivor and victim, i struggle with each day major depression and anxiety panic disorder and schizophrenia and having thoughts of doing myself self harm and she just dimisses me like that? degrading and dehuminzing me more ive already been by dismissing me and flipping the hell ive been through into bubblegum and flowers, and if chat logs were to be read or seen  i did not exit the conversation untill she decided to play games with my mind and flip things, so I left the conversation,  I am a abuse survivor and I am still fighting to survive and I don’t have to tolerate being treated like that, no one has the Gods given right to degrade and dehumanize me,  I do a pretty good job of that myself, I reached out for understanding compassion and assistance and she DID NOT even do a email follow up with me which the website ‘claims’

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