Nobody cares

  September 27th, 2018 by intothedark

What do you when nobody cares?

You reach out in pain

But there’s nobody there?
You’re slowly going insane
What do you do when you feel so empty
When there’s nothing left inside
You look in your heart, there’s nothing to see
But so many times you have tried
You keep reaching, but you’re just falling
Into the darkness even more
I’m just so tired of pretending
And I can’t do it anymore
I wish somebody would be there
When I need somebody to talk to
But I don’t think anybody cares
I don’t have a clue what to do
I just sit all alone in the darkness
Hour after hour, I can’t sleep
Why am I such a mess?
How have I fallen so deep?
There is so much to live for
But I don’t know how to live
I can’t do this anymore
I have nothing left to give
I want to cry; the tears won’t come
I keep it bottled up inside
I don’t know why I’m so numb
I don’t know why I’m losing my mind
What do you do when nobody cares?
You reach out and there’s nobody there?
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