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it’s okay that everyone turn missing for a little, for a short, for long, for ever.pretending soon or close to have born alone, to be raised alone, to learned alone and to loved alone, cried alone and married alone.

to have fucked alone, till I found myself in a lie, one of which the wreck turned to recover and inserted in this world alone that suddenly I turned insane to not been at all alone.

but all I meet, anyone there is getting me to know is fading out life.

the world is yet not close to understand, healed. corruption is raised and cultivated. any declaration destroyed and ignored because for this been caused to exist.

Using medication will not support me out of this and pretending I’m wrong, I’m unclear, I’m uneducated and stupid is the perpetrator itself for which shall be the aggressor of itself sacrifice to find the poison they used crop out of us, the new child.

I fear I seek to take the feelings back by killing one. No force or anything but I can’t control and I actually want to. Psychiatry can’t change me, jail is welcome to me.

But shouldn’t I actual take everything I can to avoid it and end myself in a suicide and confront me of nothing that is going to be the grant opinion about me?

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