Self esteem

  September 22nd, 2018 by PatheticMale

I wish I had that… Since I was like 15 I was always telling myself that I will get myself a girlfriend by the end of this year. I never did.. Im just too shy to express my interest in someone, to just ask them out or to do anything. I was on a date once and it was a disaster. Just an hour of awkward scilence. I wasnt able to make a move (like hold her hand or smth) even tho I could clearly see she was into me. Nothing seems to boost my confidence, like for example when I was 16 I thought that if I would drive a motorcycle that would help so I worked my ass off to get it. Nothing changed. Now Im just a loser with a bike. Any advice on improving self asteem? (probably a bad place to ask lmao xd)

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