Shit, I want to die so much now

  September 22nd, 2018 by lostallhope123

He kept asking me to leave him and move, he wanted me to break up with him first and he did not want to end it first. He told me he can take the blame even if I leave him first. Because, we don’t have a future together. He is not ready to think of even giving it a try, instead he wants me to accept the reality and move on.

He says we both knew it right from day 0 when we started this relationship. He stopping coming near me even via texts, he is now ready to turn back and leave. I’m trying so much to go closer to him but today he told me “Move away”.

I feel so heart broken. I asked him if he doesn’t expect my love anymore and if the only thing he wants from me is moving away. He said “I want you to move on and be happy”. Oh god, I’m so in love with him and he knows that, how can he say that to me everytime I say I love him. He told I’m spoiling his peace with my questions.

I told him he gave me a reason to live and now he gave me a reason not to live.

I told him to be peaceful, and I’m sorry for loving him so much. I deleted my fb apps, whatsap, everything. Let him be peaceful, he wants me to go away and that is what will make him feel satisfied, not my love.

When he is no more expecting love from me, not trying to be lovely to me, and when all he wants me to end it first, what should I do with all this love. I wish I could die now. I want to die so much but I don’t have any option right now. Shitt.

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