tiME fEr sUm iNtElLeCtUaLiSm (this post isnt about pedos and I ain’t one. This is literally all abstract rambling. Sorry.))

  September 14th, 2018 by Stable as Uranium

As much as it probably agonizes people to think so, there is sometimes hardly such a thing as ‘deservedness’. The idea of a young woman feeling relief at the torture and execution of her rapist isn’t all that alien, but the comparative shock of an otherwise ‘good’ person being elated at the death and suffering of another without context eludes to the dissonance with which we subconsciously utilize our fouler instincts like revenge, sadism, and penance. All rooted in an overbearing parental pathology residing in our egos.

The sins of our ancestors are never really washed away completely- in fact they are carried on in our genetics. Some men are born with a natural proclivity towards pedophilia that has been passed on genetically, having evolved as such due to the act of pedophilia being committed by their ancestors. ‘Evil’ is literally in people’s blood. People eat the fruit of illusions- contemporary and subjective rules made into morals that apply only in subjective scenarios.

Ultimately I’m disillusioned, but it’s an optimistic disillusionment, perhaps a naivete, in the hope that this disillusionment will eventually be alligned with an enlightenment and freedom of thought that idealistically, would also eventually accepted by a society that will forgo war and faith in favor of a pleasant form of positive disillusion or lack of preconceptions that can only be fulfilled once wholly recognized as an advent or principle; like a slate wiped clean.

Is not the superlative ethical principle an optimistic, and affirmative form of disillusionment? In simple terms, a realist?
A man who sees that the philosophy of the randian idiot is folly, but reserves a principle of realism free of the influence of so called objectivism. After all- people are not objects.

Bearing all that in mind, the concept of theism dissolves in the face of the reality of knowing that some people are truly never held accountable for their actions.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

But the undying theme of the Christian faith is that it all too tragically seems to foment an environment predicated by condemnation.

Surely a quote more ethically pragmatic, i.e. APPLICABLE (and therefore more virtuous IN its application) is “Never attribute to malice that which can be applied to incompetence.”

Unless- are we to be punished for being stupid?

One has to realize that the illusion of order is in our heads. But mathematically speaking, order has to be real. I’ve heard from a few intelligent people that safety is an illusion. But since order is real, wouldn’t safety be a variabe predictable within the range of certain objects? Like… A field of landmines?

A pragmatic approach not utilized for its own sake can often be described as morbid; myopia and pragmatism don’t go together. But a lack of action leads nowhere. Some sayvyou must, if you are thrust into the position, choose when your judgement supercedes ethics for the sake of the greater good.

“…You make a choice by not making a choice…”

But sometimes the true challenge is determining whether or not you have only a few choices to choose from in the first place. How the hell does one determine that when the stakes are high? Or do most people just say ‘fuck it’ and choose a random path that works for them?

I’m so confused.

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