Unconscious Segregation

  September 6th, 2018 by lonewolf23

Say what you will about me but I honestly just see people. I just realized today at lunch that everyone kept staring at me because i was hanging with the black kids and i was hanging with the white kids, natives, Asians, Arabians, etc. I’m Mexican but I never noticed a “Mexican table” all these years in school until now that I’m not even in high school but rather at work lunch break. I get dirty looks from the other Mexican workers like I’m some disgrace to “their kind”. But i don’t care, tomorrow I’m gonna pretend like they’re staring because I look good. I’ll just keep telling myself that to ease my anxiety. I’m not ashamed of growing up listening to Linkin Park, Disturbed, Static-X Tupac, Santana, Bad Religion. I’m not ashamed of my lifestyle and i won’t let anyone make me feel that way even if they are brown like me. All i see is people. I just wish this mindset wasn’t a minority type. I also get anxious and people notice but i don’t care. I’m gonna overcome this just like I’ve overcome everything else in my life. I don’t care if I seem odd for not liking what you like but it’s just that i ain’t you and you ain’t me.

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