What maturity brings

  September 23rd, 2018 by morado123

I’m basically adult in some countries. I’ve almost reached a fully mature age in my country.

Maturity doesn’t give you more control in life, like so many people say. I believe it actually forces you to find a reason to live.

For instance, when I was in middle school and -like so many other girls- very moody, I didn’t give a shit about what my family would feel if they were to be left behind.

Yet, now I’m almost at college, I guess I DO care about my family, however small in size they would be.

I’ve also heard instances from many adults who make a living and work extremely hard for their KIDS. Their family gave them a reason to survive. It is an absolute MUST for them to survive. Their maturity has allowed them to keep moving forward in life, no matter what comes in their ways.

Maybe, maybe.. Feelings suicidal is being immature. We’re not mature enough to see why we should survive. Immature like a kid, illogical and reckless.

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