Who else can’t find peace in religions?

  September 9th, 2018 by morado123

I’m an atheist, though I don’t like to call myself that way.

How can you believe in things that you know aren’t real? How can you be sure there’s a God if He has never answered your prayers?

Oh, and I thought Christians were supposed like their neighbors and friends. But most of my christian friends never do that. It’s really hypocritical when you force to me to call proper name of God and be selfish and betray your friends.

To me, religions aren’t what I rely on to get through hard times. They’re obstacles. They’re the reason why some progresses were made not as fast as it would have been if it weren’t for religious peoples.

So why do people say “Find peace in your religion when you’re depressed”? Religions are lies.

Attack me all I want, but I was so hurt by religious peoples that I’ve come to conclude that religious dogmas are only right on the surface.

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