September 21st, 2018 by ANONFORWOOD

Someone sow me drinking, are you alcoholic? I cut myself am i masochist? I try to not take responsibilities am i coward? I can not take my life yet,  I’m chicken i know,  and can’t stand for myself I’m afraid, I’m afraid of losing my job because it’ll take me to place i don’t want to think about,homelessness, starving and sleep deprivation worst, sad it’s not winter yet, i missed it,  after all winter will come, and plenty of time to plan for final night that’ll be the best. If they’ll judge me in the end anway what i’m i still afraid of, perhaps I’m so scared of death but I wouldn’t be if i’d tried to commit often. Only once by hypothermia at bench laying down listening c418,  it  was very calming, wasn’t afraidnof anything but happier then ever, this is what i think about often when things go wrong and hey, ita me and I’ll be always like this waiting for another winter

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