Hey sorry for the late update

  October 1st, 2018 by EnslavedByShadows

Hey its enslavedbyshadows again .. I said I’d update you guys but I’m super busy lately .. The past few weekends turned out to be OK! Looks like I’m staying at this point..won’t know for sure until tomorrow night but I will update you. Life seems to be improving but that may be an illusion and I’m worried it may all be ripped away.. I’m ready to kill myself if I have to but looks like I won’t. I hope you all improve and find your way … I love you guys and all the support you have given.. If I kill myself you won’t hear from me again if I make the choice to stay I will update you! Life is beautiful guys. Stop and smell the roses, even if the roses are hard to find and are covered in thorns ..

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