Im afraid

  October 13th, 2018 by lonewolf23

I know its obvious that if i only focus on the negatives of this world then I will feel depressed all the time but as of lately it seems like that’s all that I’m running into. I understand some of you don’t see it as simple as light and darkness but that’s how i like to visualize it. Pretty much I keep noticing and feeling all the darkness or negativity if you will and it feels like thats all that exists in this world at times like today where everyone i ran into seemed angry, or violent. It could just be my shitty luck but i have a feeling that everybody around me is being consumed by negative thoughts and emotions lately. It’s scary because these negative emotions can cause people to do horrible things and i feel like somebody is about to snap. I know I sound like a wuss but i have to admit that i am actually afraid as of lately. I try my best to cheer people up but sometimes nothing cheers them up. And i ain’t trying to say that I’m some saint who never feels angry or anything like that but when others feel this way i get scared. Its almost like you can feel other humans wrath before its actually unleashed. My body can’t help but feel this negativity lurking around at work, the road, at the grocery store, etc.

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