Society’s obsession with living as long a life as possible

  October 13th, 2018 by antithesis

Society’s manic obsession with living as long a life as possible, no matter the quality of that life, is just so absurd.

I feel like my life has run its course and I am ready to go. I have had a privileged life. I worked my dream job. I ate a lot of good food. I went to a lot of nice places. I knew a lot of good people. I had a good-enough time. I was safe and I was secure.

Now I am no longer able to work – I haven’t done so in about 13 years. I am isolated. My health is impaired – I’m thankful it’s my psychological health and not my physical health, so there’s that.

But really what my life boils down to, day to day, day after day: I just worry and stress about being the building I live in being sold and me being thrown out because they can get 5x the rent and I have nowhere else to go that I could afford, I worry about being able to afford to eat in the near future, to afford healthcare.

Those things are not “if they might happen” but much more realistically, “when they will happen”.

Worrying and stressing is not living.

There is no safety and there is no security for me any longer.

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