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Soon, it’ll be gone; in a while, it’ll return

by sansfranzdeput

I go away, bound for a new land; my heart is clenched, and my ticket in hand.

In just a few days, this town I’ll ne’er see again; its pubs and libraries’ll be lost till who knows when.

I’ll ne’er forget or lose sight of those few I took heart with. In specific, and more so of late, one named Cat:

She’s always fresh in my mind, even since the first day we met- over a recently purchased elephant.

Her hair is like ginger root, glowing with a golden hue in the evening sun and her glowing rays;

Her eyes hold in them a soul of yearning and contemplation; milky ground chestnut and sprinkled Spirit.

I’d like to have helped her before I left. I really would have.

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