Surprised me…

  October 12th, 2018 by WITHINtheShadows

My best friend, who is practically my sister, was trying to talk to me but it wasnt working. She was trying to say I think life goes very slow bc I’m always alone but she thinks life goes fast and everything goes really fast and bla bla bla. (Bags of sh*t)

In fact she was trying to say I’m a miserable human being bc I’m alone.

I told her I’m still alive only bc I can be alone most of the time and it’s the time I feel better.

To my surprise she understood me and we reached a level of communication much more honest than ever. And she also told me she thinks life sucks and she is fed up with people as much as I am. And she told me she has panick attacks every night and is afraid to go to a psychiatrist.

And she also understood I’m not in an existencial crisis. It’s much deeper than a period of crisis…it’s a connection with death what I have.

I explained I’m suicidal but I still like being alone and hope to meet my bf to spend some time with him before leaving or me and him will both leave bc he’s like me.

Wow…that was really a good surprise. When I insisted in not accepting a shallow conversation she opened her heart. It took 6 years to happen but finally she was sincere and we could know each other better.


If more people acted like her this world would be much more possible amd not this sh*t full of people who are so snobbish and empty or if you prefer full of shallow fake happiness.

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