The sole thing that can console me wholly

  October 6th, 2018 by morado123

I’ve loved music since I was very young. Learning piano from such a young age allowed me to develop perfect pitch, and this ability has helped me a few times. I actually remixed some of the songs my friend liked and scored the music, enabling my friend to play her favorite music with our school orchestra.

My music ability is a gift. Yes, it’s useless unless it’s used for entertainment purposes, and frankly, I’m fine with using it for my happiness.

I can never make “new” songs. I cannot compose. Yet, I’m an excellent “copycat.” I can perfectly hear the notes of the music I hear and mimic the music using my garageband.

It’s blissful to make some music. I always lose track of time. It heals and captures me. I feel encaptured in musical environment; I forget everything when I’m doing music.

One thing I don’t regret about my life is my being able to play some instruments. Reading books can be a little quiet to a bothered mind. However, music is loud enough to make my mind go tranquil.

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