You are a cow not a real friend

  October 11th, 2018 by WITHINtheShadows

I have a girl “friend” who is a good person when she is fat and with no boyfriend but she becomes a b*tch, really a cow when she’s fitness and find a guy to fuck her. Once she finds someone to suck the cock she becomes a monster. Once she gets alone she becomes a good person and friendly. I’ve kept being her friend for all she helped me in those good times but now i dont want anymore.

I’m fed up of that. She’s 48 years old and it’s impossible she hasnt noticed what she does. She does the same with her family: use them to fit her needs.

I’ll use her this month for a trip in her car to go to a place IDK how to go alone and after that I’ll kick her butte. This contact with her has being really bad for me.

I think she’s a prostitute and an opportunist. I see she’s doing exactly the same mistakes she did all the other times with our “friendship” and the guys she has sex with and I dont want to save her again when everything ends badly. Now i want to see her burning in hell, raped in the ass by the devil himself.

She thinks I have nobody that’s why she’s showing off so much but in fact I’m the one who is really loved by an amazing long term boyfriend. I tell nothing to nobody about the good part of my life bc I want people treat me well truly and not only when they intend to steal my guy and f*uck my happiness.

If a person behaves rightly when you’re fucked and she/he is fine it’s a good sign of good characther. Unfortunately I have only the opposite in my life with all my “friends” not only this whore.

That’s why I get quiet and tell nothing. Also bc I wanna talk about death and no one wants.

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