a single mom

  November 7th, 2018 by spookichick

as each day passes, i am reminded of what it truly means to be a positive role model; specifically as a mother to a 23 year old “child”. unfortunately, i did not adequately prepare my son for adulthood. that fact is on me. as i have stated before on SP, i was heavily into drugs during my son’s growing years. during those years i reinforced to him that it would be in his best interests to not model me. he listened. i should have stepped up to the plate, quit doing drugs, and provided him with the teachings and guidance that he so richly deserved. i left him to model anyone who was around. i left him to his own devices. who does that? certainly not a “good mother”. his coping skills are dysfunctional, and i am to blame. so, my mind drifts to “is he better off without me? can i rise to the occasion, and guide him, or is it too late?

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