November 8th, 2018 by Rain

You know…I wasnt always the Ice Queen.
I was warm, feeling, maybe even happy. I lived in a world of summer days with happy animals. The grass was green and the skies were the bluest, filled with the whispiest cirrus clouds. I smiled genuinely at the public and poured love upon lovers.
…and now…I walk through gardens and leave a trail of broken concrete where healthy grass was. Flowers wither and turn black at my touch, consumed by frost. A never ending blizzard darkens the sky for a final time. Cute little bunnies turn into broken skeletons and mice turn into howling sharp fanged wolves. Predators are all thats left…and me. My frozen tears glisten on my cheeks. Brow in a permanent scowl. Lips twisted into the cruelest of smiles…content with the agony of those frozen to death in my wake. Keep your distance if you fear death…or dont.

All hail the Ice Queen. 

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