School teaches feelings of inadequacy.

  November 10th, 2018 by NeverKnown

Oh, you’re too slow? You must be bad at time management, -30 points even though you completed it correctly. Oh, you work 20 hours a week, spend 4+ hours in public transit, barely get 4 hours of sleep a night, and have a major project in every class? And you were crying all night because you got stuck on something and this assignment was 1/5 of your homework grade? Too bad, you should’ve started earlier. You had earlier deadlines you say? That you also had trouble keeping, you say? No excuse.

But no worries! A grade is just a number! It’s not like you spent years trying to get it high enough to put it on your resume, right? And it’s not like you had to take out a massive loan just to afford the class, right?

It’s not like school has ever killed anyone, right?

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