shit poem

  November 10th, 2018 by anonymousie

you’ll never amount to shit
you can cook and clean
do whatever
but at the end of the day
you amount to less than

shit, i fucking hate you
everything about you
about you is shit

i never thought
a person
could amount to
not even shit
until i discovered
who i was:

and that’s youll ever be
and everyone can see
that you are shit
i’d choose dog shit
over you
you deserve to be hit
by a car
going fast as a bullet
you say you want to die
but you were dead before you knew it

you died on March 1st
in an alternate reality
a better reality
but it’s blending
with your soul

maybe in another universe
you’re not shit
but let’s be honest
you could never be fixed
but if so, it’s very distant
in a nonexistent
place in the real world

you prove it over and over again
what a piece of shit you are
you make a mediocre meal
think it made him happy,
so you’re full of zeal
then you say something stupid
and you cry like a veal
who is about to be killed
in the corner, you kneel
and what you were originally
crying over fades
as you think of all
the past mistakes
you want to take back
but the bed has already been made

you start to feel enraged
or are you just deranged?
how can some hate themselves
more than any murderer?
you never killed anyone
oh wait, you did
you killed your kid
piece of shit

you feel enraged
that you’re deranged
want to go on a razor rampage
on your own body
your self hatred can be easily explained
there’s nothing you can maintain
you could be detained,
restrained and put in chains
but the self hatred will always remain
you claim you changed
from the years of your teenage
but no one cares
youre mentally not even there
you cut your hair
because you think
you’re cutting off the past
and letting the future grow
you’re so stupid
but you’re smart enough to know
it doesn’t work like that

you know you need to die
you’re not even actually alive
is what needs to be done
i wish you could trade places
with your baby
who was supposed to be born
in 21 days
but you killed her
after listening to her heart beat

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