Truth has a way of returning

  November 8th, 2018 by fakehappy

except the truth is seldom absolutely positive.

This time it involves a past love that openly admitted their vindictive nature. An inability to love without some kind of competition that results in someone’s heart being shattered.

And that’s not love.

Guess we get what we deserve. They got their heart shattered And now I’m the blanket they cry on about their pain. I did ask them to stay away but they work into my head.

I feel less human everyday. My heart says I love the most destructive or unempathetic people and it’s killing me. As an empath, I need love.

At this rate I’ll never have a kid, and that alone makes me want to die. Truth is very few guys seem worthy of kids, I never understood why men judge women so harshly on looks when honestly so few men that jump out as appealing by that kind of judgement… let alone emotional depth. They do say, if you’re going to judge someone make sure you’re perfect.

I guess I’m just tired, I know we attract like minded/similar energies so why am I drawn to wandering narcissistic 30 year old boys?

It doesn’t help the mental health issues…

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