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Anyone feel scared?

by Empty Husk

When you’re in your own house alone or on the streets when you have no one with you? I seem to have developed fear of people and some sort of agoraphobia where I want to avoid certain places like a plague because I know the people who hurt me frequent that place. I don’t want them to see me what I’ve become because I know they’ll gloat more and rub it in my face how much of a loser I am now. It’s also the reason why I rarely leave the house making me part hikikomori/recluse.


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PatheticMale 12/15/2018 - 6:58 am

Maybe you could go to other places instead. I respect If you decide to go to a monastery after all, its your life and none of my business but I think that if you made that decision mainly out of fear it would be a bad decision and you would regret it. “good decisions made for wrong reasons are bad decisions” I dont know where I heard that, probably in some shitty movie for kids but w/e. I think it is true. You could start going for walks in nature, in the woods or something. If you are scared you could maybe bring your girlfriend with you for a couple first times before you can do it alone and then you can gradually start taking walks in more and more crowded areas. I am sure you can do it! it is important that you do it gradually step by step and not just jump into it and go straight to the place that you are afraid of the most. That will only send you back to your house even worse before you started.

PatheticMale 12/15/2018 - 7:09 am

Lol now I remember. Its from fking Pirates of the Caribbean LMAO

Todamnbad 12/15/2018 - 3:53 pm

Caring how people see you or what they think will always end up in disaster. Your situation can just be your upbringing. And if you’re truly alone all the time. I would start a new life. I haven’t done it because I wouldn’t go homeless but it is tempting. Great thing about life. You can pick and choose who you want to talk. Starting out as a kid, not so lucky. But once you hit adulthood. You can truly do whatever you feel free to do. It’s your life your body your time. I’m just saying you have options. I have been experiencing some freedom lately

Black Holez 12/15/2018 - 8:47 pm

Thing is I didn’t give a damn before. The bullying in the workplace kinda changed me and now I seem averse to conflict. I can’t even go out unless somebody is with me. I’ve become dependent on other people.

Todamnbad 12/15/2018 - 3:55 pm

And when I say free to do whatever, of course following laws and not doing things you would regret. It’s a tough world out there. I seen plenty of bad sh*t happen to good people. Unless it was karma, they got what they deserved lol

lonewolf23 12/16/2018 - 4:34 am

I feel the same way. I was just driving around town today and I’ve lived here all my life so I’m sure a couple of old classmates saw me today. I go on long drives while listening to music just to get me out of the house and get some sunlight. I actually hope to run into old classmates sometimes. They remember me as a weak timid victim. I know I don’t have to prove anything to anyone but myself. Yet a part of me feels like I want to let old classmates know that I can live on like them despite being viewed this way. A part of me hopes that I could link up with some of these old classmates again even my bullies. I think even old bullies can become great friends in the future. I never took their bullying personal so it’s been easy to forgive them. I actually think a few of them have some qualities I deeply desire. I think I can learn a thing or two from my bullies. No one is completely bad and sometimes forgiveness goes a long way. Some of my classmates get shocked when they see me working cashier jobs because they remember how hard it was for me to even look people in the eyes and make conversation with people.

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