December 12th, 2018 by NO_REMORSE


Im counting all the days away

Im cutting all my pain away

Its all the- same shit but a different day



Im wasting all my life to shame

The clock wont change its got me irate

Its all the- same shit but a different day


Uno dos tres quatro cinco

Dey Mayo day of the dead its my life so

Im just waiting for the day that i might go

Until than lets just fly some kites at a lightshow


I cant sleep i think im an insomniac

Im a little bit paranoid that i might die from a heart attack

To be honest i just laugh at the thought of that

To go away for a change- ill take part in that


Lets rewind it back to when i wasnt whack

Now im suicidal but theres really nothing wrong with that

Its understandable im understanding cannibals

Unable to handle lifes obstacles like dodging cantaloupes


Really- were just animals living in our own chronicles

But i think its autonomous- boring and monotonous

About as unexciting as replacing candy with throat lozenges

Ill just cut up my esophagus


All the coping mechanisms im attracted into

Are just designed to make me addicted with mental issues

But i already got that so whats the difference

Theres no sacred way to make life worth living


You got money i got music

You got something i am useless

You can’t take what i been using

You would break before you knew


Maybe ive just got a couple screws loose

Maybe all of you are just fake news im serious

Maybe the pyramids are a spaceship im curious

Save me from myself im not that courteous


I wish i could just dream lucid just say deuces

Im having recurring nightmares shits stupid

But my cuts keep hurting from self abusing

I couldnt even sleep if i tried its useless


I cant seem to find my purpose

So i just write rhymes and mix them with curses

Its still better than most current rap music

Ill just distort my bass and make my shit sound stupid


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