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For the love of life but the desire to die

For the love of life,

but for the desire to die,

how shall we try?

I attempted suicide,

for I didn’t die just went to the psych ward or the looney bin if you prefer,

sure, I got the help I needed,

but even after that I still want to die,

for I am still uncertain about my future,

if I have a future at all, that is,

this life of mine is a living heaven and a living hell,

all on the earth also in the mind, body,

and soul if I even have a soul some of us wish for Annihilation I actually tried only once, now I am still alive this life is simple and complex however one perceives the world, that is,

for if we don’t die we can only live,

how shall I live and how shall I die for I don’t know,

that uncertainty persists.

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