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Media in The Sky

by Todamnbad

Electromagnetic Waves traveling through our brains

Mine says kill yourself until it drives you insane

Its more my body than myself

My body wants to end this hell

But I keep going, only time can tell

Where I’m Going Where I Been

Its like all the same shit has been hand in hand

I’ll smoke weed to forget myself

To forget I am even alive in this hell

Completely obliterated

I don’t want to consume energy and be existing



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SuicidalThoughtsButRefuseToKillMyself 12/14/2018 - 10:33 pm

For I wish to die, but I tried my first attempt on Benadryl for the panic set in and when now I know I am still alive wish to be dead but I know I can’t try again because for if I do I will end up in the looney bin again take me with you but that won’t happen for my hypocrisy and our society will never let us leave this world until they drain our soul for if I One that is?

I am I really that weak or am I really that dumb or do I just want to feel numb these people on this Earth the people of the US have enslaved us all yet we don’t seem to see it or maybe we do we just do nothing about it my poetry of life is a hollow one for I tried to die and now I realized I will be never allowed to try again.

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