December 31st, 2018 by namrahellz

I’m being mocked. I swear, it’s like she’s mocking me. I’d much rather tell my friends, but all I ever do is vent, rant, and bring them into my issues. I feel like a burden, and I know that it’s hard for them to find words in order to respond and help me. I’m full of issues. This time, it’s because of racism and I’m not too sure if I really should tell them because they are all the same race, I’m the only one who is different. I knew that there’d be a term test, but I missed it because of family issues, but my teacher won’t email me what to review or what was done. Instead, she brings up the fact that I missed a group presentation and I have a week to think of a way to make it up. She’s just mocking me because she knows, there’s no answer, no solution, no excuse, no way to make it up! Since the beginning of the year, she has been going out of her way to bring me deeper and deeper in the grade-book and all else; all because she hates me for a reason I can’t change. She accused me of plagiarism, gave me intentional zeros, even told my mother off when she came in to talk about my zeros. She also intentionally gave me wrong answers when I came in for help so that she can “rightly” mark me down. Now, she’s telling me I can’t makeup an assignment because it was a group project. Yes, I am aware of that, but weeks before, she said that there’d be a makeup assignment if days were missed———now I can’t makeup the assignment and I don’t know what to study. It’s probably all my fault. I should’ve emailed her the second I found out that I’d miss the project. Maybe I am at fault. But, I’m not sure how to tell my mother, our relationship is too thin for news like this. She’ll bring down hail on me if she can’t persuade my teacher, and maybe even make me leave the house with nothing but the clothes on my back again……………..I can’t do this. Why must everything be blown out of proportions? I don’t know what to do anymore—–

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