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New Years Resolutions

by Teresa's Child

Yes, I am writing these on a suicide site. Isn’t that sad? Anyway, year goes.

Topic: Physical activity
Motivation: Because it makes me more balanced, and physical strength is good to have.
Current Status: I’ve gotten to the point where I only work out once every other day.
Goal: Per week, gym 3 days, run 2 days, and martial arts 2 days. Rain or shine.

Topic: Masturbation
Motivation: Because it’s an addiction and I hate being addicted to anything.
Current Status: I end up resorting to it if I haven’t had sex for about 3 days.
Goal: Stop it.

Topic: Meditation
Motivation: It makes me more balanced.
Current Status: I’ve stopped meditating in favor of watching youtube.
Goal: At least ten minutes a day.

Topic: Eating
Motivation: It’s an addiction.
Current Status: I eat 3 meals a day. And I have dessert about twice a day.
Goal: Limit eating full meals to weekends. One meal a day on weekends. Snacking on real food is ok (nuts, dried fruit, non-dried fruit, vegetables, and partial meals like a couple bites of a sandwich or something). Never be full. Also, no extravagant cakes or donuts. No chocolate beyond plain Hersheys (and only one bite per day).

Topic: Reading
Motivation: I need to advance my knowledge in some fields.
Current Status: Hah, what are words again?
Goal: One book a month. Book topics are limited to: 1, Greco-Roman philosophy, 2, Buddhist Philosophy (but no pop-buddhism), 3 Mathematics, 4 Computer Science.

Topic: Cleanliness
Motivation: Cleanliness leads to a more balanced internal state.
Current Status: I shower once every 1 or 2 days, shave once every 3 weeks, brush my teeth 1-2 times a day, and clean my house never.
Goal: Shave once a week, shower every day, clean house once a week, and any other normal hygiene habits I can think of.

Topic: Chess
Motivation: It’s a game of strategy and psychology, both of which I pride myself on.
Current Status: 1576
Goal: Get to 1800’s, and be beating 1700’s with ease.

Topic: Youtube
Motivation: It’s an addiction.
Current Status: This is killing me.
Goal: Limit non-educational youtube to 1 hour a day.

Topic: Job
Motivation: It makes me lazy and complacent, and I hate that.
Current Status: I’ve stopped looking for a new job and have become a complacent piece of shit.
Goal: Update resume, study, connect with other managers, do at least one mock interview a week. Get a new job by end of year.

Topic: Organization
Motivation: Lack of organization yields lack of discipline, which makes you weak.
Current Status: When I don’t make a plan my day is crap, and when I make a plan someone always ruins it.
Goal: Make weekly plans. Keep the time slots flexible, but be strict on the tasks you need to accomplish. Never waste a time slot. Per day, make daily plans and update the weekly plan to make sure you meet all your goals.

Topic: Volunteering
Motivation: Being a good person?
Current Status: I go whenever there’s a company volunteering event.
Goal: Start looking more toward volunteering around the two community-related things you care about — teaching, and nature.

Topic: Mobile Games
Motivation: Addiction (been getting better this year)
Current Status: I’ve almost stopped playing them.
Goal: Stop playing them.

Topic: General Goals:
Motivation: Principles make a man.
Current Status: I’m an unprincipled bastard.
Goal: Take care of everyone, try to be compassionate even when firm and combative, try to be reasonable at all times, never lose your composure, don’t laugh loudly.


And that’s it. 2019, let’s do this.


Disclosure: If I die or am hospitalized, or something really bad that I can’t control happens to me, I can temporarily put off some of these goals.


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gonegirl100 12/23/2018 - 9:29 pm

Not sad writing your list here. People who read it might see something and be like “oh yeah I need to work on that area and adopt some of those goals. I think the list is really great. Need to make my own, thank you. Happy New Year 😉

Teresa's Child 12/24/2018 - 2:39 am

Thanks! I’d be interested to see your goals as well :). And Happy New Year to you too!

Todamnbad 12/24/2018 - 12:48 am

My goals would be stop having insane thoughts or stop thinking over and over about the same sh*t. I thinking staying inside a lot because of the cold, not having a car has done this. I’m so happy I haven’t brought a child into this world. Imagine making another human suffer by bring them into this world because you were horny. That’s selfish asf. But good goals. Mine would read a sh*t ton more and make money. F*ck exercising, doesn’t make you money. And f*ck any hobbie that doesn’t potentially make you money. Just the ones required to be healthy.

adamfell 12/24/2018 - 4:30 am

Great idea to post here. I may have to set some time aside and post my own.

shatterediris 12/24/2018 - 2:50 pm

I would not recommend limiting your eating…. Your food intake sounds very normal and healthy as is, please don’t try to starve yourself that’s not healthy at all…. especially if you are going to exercise more, that can be bad, which could push you towards wanting to exercise less. If anything maybe just cut out the desserts? O.o

also on the chocolates…. I would highly suggest something not Hersheys if you have not tried it…. very good chocolate is amazing….
I’m sorry if I’m being rude, I just I just argh meh I don’t want people to feel the need to starve themselves. Either way good luck with whatever you do decide to do.

also honestly every other day for exercise is not something you should feel ashamed of, that’s really honestly pre good… most people never work out. Good job with that ^_^

Mouse 12/24/2018 - 4:50 pm

3 meals a day is fine. Maybe you are referring to what you are eating in those 3 meals.

AgentQ 12/27/2018 - 3:33 am

I thought like this for a long time and you know, it never worked. Maybe it does for some people, but realistically a person isn;t just going to list the changes they want to make in their behaviors and systematically troubleshoot each one like a robot.

In my experience change like that happens naturally after a significant life change or emotional impact.

Don’t mind me i’m just playing the pessimist/realist i wish you the best in your resolutions

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