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4 years

by Harlot.Rebel

When I’m at the lowest point in my life, I always come back to this site. Reread old post, and try to compare my current life to back then, Everything is pretty much the same, It’s just a matter of when ?


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headupunderdarkcloud 1/1/2019 - 8:43 pm

I dig coming back here occasionally too. Its a pattern fall into suppose. Anyways, thanks for checking in and posting, there’s something oddly reassuring in it.

Black Holez 1/2/2019 - 2:02 am

I also reread my posts I made back last December 2016. Seems nothing much has changed as well for me.

LongLostorGone 12/12/2020 - 4:14 am

I hope you never get on this site again. I hope you never feel low again or have invasive thoughts. In case you do, know my awareness of you, exists. My understanding of things has heightened. I will never forget you. I don’t know who you are anymore, but the person I knew 5 years ago deserves everything my breath could buy. I hope you you never shed a sad tear again. I just want you to know I think about you, our past, and my mistakes. I talk about them. I learn from them, and I apologize. You were and have always been completely out of my league. I acquired knowledge and beliefs, that I incorporate into daily life, from you. I was a terrible partner, and a terrible human being. I found a video of you today, and couldn’t help but miss certain parts of you. You have someone out here missing your presence and talking about you, all of the stories, for every cut, from the beginning. I don’t know you anymore, but the you I knew, still has a place in my heart, and In this world. I was young and dumb, and thought life was too short. I was a bad person that you made good. I can not be shit everyday of the week, but I’m a better shit because of you. I value you. Whole heartedly. You changed my life on accident, I can’t image what you could do if it was intentional. You’ve aged like fine wine, I’m sure of it. Keep your head up, show me what I’m missing. Shit on me !

P.S. (the you I know would probably delete this and remind me I ain’t shit) lol I already know I’m ain’t shit, I’m working on it. Taking it a day at a time. Your kids will love you. You’ll have a beautiful family. Another day, another opportunity. Cheesy lines 101.


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