A thought for the homeless

  January 10th, 2019 by Soda

I had to step outside my place very early this morning for about 10 minutes and it’s -7C (or -16C with the windchill or 19F/3F) here in Ontario. And I wasn’t dressed warmly enough. It’s been ages since I’ve experienced actual shivering with chattering teeth. It was so damn cold that I had to jump back in a few times to warm up and then finish the task I had to take care of.

I realized this was real torture. I’d rather be dead than to have to endure that freezing cold for an extended period of time. Homelessness should never exist. Everyone should have a warm place to stay, it should be considered a basic human right. I could argue food, water and shelter should be an essential service as well.

If we’re not going to take care of our fellow citizens who end up in such a state then at least we should legalize euthanasia so they’re allowed to escape a life of terrible pain and suffering. Some people live cheque to cheque and it wouldn’t take much to end up on the streets for them.

I know I’m just a voice in the wilderness with this thought but given what I just experienced and now I’m in my cozy 25C (77F) home, I just realized how fortunate I am to be in my situation.

Universal Basic Income makes sense, to help those in need. Some people have mental illnesses and they could never hold down an actual job. People shouldn’t be penalized for being born a certain way or experiencing hard times in the lives.

Just another reason that euthanasia should be legalized.

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