Becoming a monk

  January 10th, 2019 by Black Holez

Just went to the monastery today and I already feel refreshed. I have decided to try to become a part of their holy orders after a one month observership. I will observe and participate in the daily activities of the monks while also being observed back if I am suited to their life or not. After the one month period ends, I will then be given time to decide if indeed I will push through becoming a monk or not.

After this dairy stint ends, I will be joining in a heartbeat. I believe this is my way out of my situation. I’m trapped in the four walls of my home leading to my depression. I’m all alone and have nothing going for me. I have no job, no friends, I’m isolated and I have no one to turn to aside from my gf. We’re not close with my family and have no one else to talk to really. I’m ready to leave everything behind to live the monk lifestyle and serve the remaining days of my life there if all works out.

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