Follow our dreams or parents?

  January 9th, 2019 by Niezzz

I’m 16yo. I thought this year might be a better year than before.

But i defntly wrong. How is that possible haha.

I dont think that im muslim anymore. I mean, i didnt feel it. I didnt pray. I swear to god, this is all my dad’s fault. He’s always told me that god is nver exist. But luckyly, in school i do learn to read quran. And pray, even sometimes i avoid. If you want to know abt my story well, do read my past story.

I need an opinion,  im still young. And im study in secondary school. In Malaysia, when you reach at the age of 17, you will have an examination. Its called SPM. But i dont think i can success. So, i got an interview in college. We call that, Kv (Kolej Vokasional)  I really like that course. And i have request to stay in hostel. Bcause that college were far from my house.

But, my dad didnt allow me to go to the college. He told me to stay.

I mean, if i stay here. Until when i didnt pray?

I dont know how to tell you guys :'(

This is the third times my dad ruined my dreams in school.

Should i listened to my parents? I cant go with this school. Im so down. I swear, i always cried in the toilet school :'(

I fucking hate my life.

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