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Happy in an odd way

by deathisnear

Like most nights, I abruptly woke up a few hours after going to bed and failed to get back to sleep. While tossing and turning in bed, I thought of the perfect suicide method. I don’t want to reveal my idea while I’m alive, but you may read about it in the news or on social media after I have gone through with it. Don’t worry: Nobody will be dying or impacted except for me, but I reckon it would be a newsworthy death.

This method will also be more effective, painless, and unique than my previous method of blasting my head off with a shotgun. The only downside is that I’ll have to wait until later this year to do it. I am suffering immensely, more than ever before, but coming up with this idea has lifted my spirits more than my futile attempts to find any sort of happiness in this ruthlessly inhospitable world have.

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Cause of Death: Suicide 1/10/2019 - 9:21 am

Huh, I’ve got a pretty good method myself. I’m completely head over heels with the idea of shooting head off with shotgun. It’s just a little hard to retrieve (I think I have people following me sometimes) apparently they people I don’t give two sh*ts to think I must endure through life needlessly for who da however long to… uh, do nothing and be nothing and then eventually just die of “…..natural causes……” Uh… Idk I’ve got nothing to go on for, I’m not comfortable, I’m in a sizeable amount of pain, it only is getting worse, the people suck, and I’ve been ready to shoot myself to death for bout a decade, but finalized and truly prepared for bout 6 years. I like how you say don’t worry nobody will die or be impacted but me, because I feel that’s what people fear… not the suicide people themselves, where there’s a real difference between the types. Apparently there’s no help for suicidal people to have someone help them commit, so I’ve had a pretty good time experimenting with the different ways to end the horrible life that is mine. Plus I’m not talking white light help anyhow.

Life; It’s more meaningless than I could say so I feel no grief about my decision to commit. I just wish I could do it somewhere that I know my body will be safe after death until it rots. Somewhere really out there….I don’t want to die in the cartoon town..

So I’ve got quite the burden on my table to be taking such risks to achieve death how I’d like it. I know it could end horrendous. Hell, it already has ended horrendous. I may never get my picture perfect suicide. But when your out, your out all the same.

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