Iced tea please, but hold the long island

  January 30th, 2019 by darkwillow

Every day after i leave school, (3 times a week), I go to this little pizza place. It’s pretty good and it’s cheap and it’s quiet. And I usually eat my food and just drink their mango black tea. And drink more of their mango black tea. And just stare at the table as if I’m in a bar and I’m trying to forget my worries. Sometimes I stay for over an hour after I eat, just trying to loose myself.

The girl that always rings me up has started calling me her depressed customer friend. Friday, when I walked in, she waved me over instantly and asked, “your usual sir? And would you like me to hold the long island in your iced tea?” I didn’t get it at first so I just stared. But then my slow mind flipped the words into its proper meaning and I laughed. And she looked shocked. “Wow,” she said. “That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile.” She slid my 2 slices over to me. “You should do it more often.”

I know they won’t spit the money to her like I would prefer, but regardless, I slipped a 20 into the tip jar before I left, when she wasn’t at the desk.

Does anyone else here have a place that they go, in which they go to forgot or to just “be away”? Even though I’ve never drank before, im starting to realize why late drinking at the bar exists. It’s nice. The world isn’t moving at 1000 miles an hour, and I can just be alone, and let my thoughts calm down. At least for a little while.

(This post is really why I wrote my previous post about stray sheep. Since Catherine takes place mostly in a bar)

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