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It doesn’t matter anymore

by careforme

Its been a rough few couple of days finding out the guy who is your best friend is also your crush I told him how I felt and now I regret it every single damn day because he doesn’t like me more then a friend instead he’s in love with his best friend she’s his lock screen and everything im not trying to sound jealous but im hurt because he knew I liked him and he never once told me about her so im really hurt and broken but what’s it matter right my life is shit everyday so fuck everyone im done 🙁 im don trying and im done confessing my feelings


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TickleBits 1/2/2019 - 5:29 pm

There arent other good things about your life? Nothing else worth living for, besides this guy? No parents, no family, no friends, no pets, no neighbors that would be hurt to see you die? I’m not saying you shouldnt do it, but dont do it over this guy. There are 6 billion people on this planet, and while there’s only one of him, there’s also only one of you. Chances are, the person you were meant to be with hasn’t been met yet. I’d encourage you to give it chance and see where the dice lay.

heartlessviking 1/2/2019 - 8:36 pm

It might take distance to come to peace with this. I remember being on the other side and hearing that and thinking “well that’s helpful, except for in the way I need help” but I’ll try to be less out of touch. I’ve had three different people that I was very close to reject my romantic advances. One of them and I are still in contact. The others with time I realized I wasn’t interested outside of romantically.

When people talk about putting a friendship at risk, it’s a serious thing. There’s some weirdness in the brain that happens when we want romance from someone that isn’t willing/ready to give it. Suddenly we get possessive, it seems like it is possible to be deserving of their attention because an intimacy exists already.

The thing is that to be close with someone at all is a gift they have given. They might know something about themselves that I don’t, in the case of the one that I still have a close friendship with the intuition was correct. We make great friends, but would kill each other in a romantic relationship. That was a thing that came from distance. Time and growth also allowed me to appreciate them better as a friend, which it turns out was the best way to be. Eventually I found someone to love that loves me back, but that’s a different story.

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