mousy’s s***** plight

  January 9th, 2019 by princessmousy<:3)~

why do I need to tolerate this life anymore? Why won’t it end? why do I keep harping on for years wishing my life just ended. fuck prince charming. He doesn’t exist. And why would any guy respect me anyway? people love rejecting me. most guys just want one thing. and if they don’t just want one thing, then they’ll just waste my time anyway, right? Because I must be so damn bad and I deserve to be rejected because I can’t relate to anyone. if you can’t relate, you just get left behind. And I’m sick of this curse.

also I have to find another place soon to live and that sucks because I can’t be bothered but I have to look. And I’m so tired of dealing with people. Everyone can be bulldozed ASAP. Because I’m SO TIRED OF YOU ALL. My whole life overall hasn’t really been wonderful.
And screw being female, maybe if I could afford a gender change I should become a male. I don’t know. I JUST WANNA BE GONE!

I’ve been on that failboatfest interpals again. I’ve been on interpals for a few years now. And I don’t know why I still bother. Most people there think they are ABOVE ‘hi’ and ‘how are you’. rofl. And if I reply a few days later to messages, yeehaw, I just get ignored. And even if I do reply quickly I’ll be ignored and rejected sooner or another. Seriously to anyone who can relate to others, you guys are freakin blessed.
Maybe there’s a new online game I can play. But my laptop is old. I can’t be bothered to do stuff anymore. It’s all compounding and piling. I wish I would die in my sleep already. I have no friends and no boyfriend. Nobody likes me. Nobody will ever like me.


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