Proud but damaged

  January 12th, 2019 by Urm8451n

My last visit in this site was back at the end of July where I wrote about my instinct to seclude and be alone.

Today I want to tell you guys good news. Although I’m still a student, struggling financially and having problems at home.  I did succeed to get a good paying student job at Intel Corporation as a software developer.

I am still dealing with a lot.  I’m still suffering from abdominal pains.  But I don’t let anything remove the smile off my face.


I wish life has been easier, but I guess that’s how life goes.  And I also assume I need to accept the way things are, and start enjoying what I have, without expecting anything more than.  I want to feel fulfilled with what I have, even tho that includes the struggling.


I think everyone has their own troubles.  I need to be happy that I can deal with mine.

I feel the pride, even tho I’m damaged.


Stay strong,  be brave,

Your friend,



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