Reasoning, Philosophy and everything inbetween [Entry #1]

  January 13th, 2019 by Two-Faced

I am of the understanding now that:

There never has been a logical reason to commit suicide. But neither has there ever been a logical reason to stay alive that satisfies the ‘system’ at an individual level. Both cases are too irrational and incomprehensible to be polar opposites, because their only dividing factor is that one choice perpetuates the option of life and death (in short, gives a second chance) while the other is a permanent choice.

I think suicide is not contrary to life but an accessory. A fundamental option that must exist to stabilize the system (I don’t mean matrix, that is something else). With that in mind, it makes sense that an organism designed in every way to perpetuate life, would even consider dying at its own hand. It is Logical.So there is never a logical reason but the action is logical. That right there is a wow moment in my opinion.


#My next post will be about the curse of feminism, and how it is contributing to male suicide.

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