January 11th, 2019 by Niezzz

Thanks to all of you who response to my previous story. :”

Im very appreciate the way you guys gave me an opinion abt myself. What i should and what i shouldnt.

I went to the interview. I accidntly cried when i talk to the 2 women who was interviewing me.

They understood. And they give me an advice to be strong. Because im still young. I still have a very long way to go. I hope i have a chance to get into the hostel.

After i walked out from the room, theres a girl who 1 year older than me, she asked me why do i cry. And she hugged me. And saying a very touched words abt life. She also told me to always remember god. I swear, i feel so comfortable. :'(

What can i say, whatever you go through. There will always have people who support you from behind. Even we didnt know that. Cant deny, sometimes we have up and down.

But dont ever give up. Because this thing will give you strenghtness in the future soon. Remember, everything is just a temporary.  :”

Thanks again guys. Godbless.

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