January 13th, 2019 by Hope Dream Love

I dont really quite feel like talking to someone in person. And ive debated on the help lines but that just makes me feel like a waste of their time. Ive tried 7cups who swore up and down they were free, yeah for a week. They really should specify TRIAL. Anyway i was hoping maybe someone could point me in the dicrection of preferably an online therapy thing. Everything i seem to find cost money that i dont have or are random volunteer and no offence to them i am greatful they want to help but id like someone will a bit knowledge on all of this. Thats the other thing when i say random i mean random. Id like someone i can talk to as a constant. I dont want to repeat my story and problems to a million different people. Im probably asking for too much though. Id just go to the therapist here but id like them to be in walking distant because i dont have a drivers license but thats 30mins to an hour walk and in the heart of the worse part of town. As a 120lb female ill pass lol. Oh should probably canadian. I noticed a lot of things if nkt everything is specific about that. Anyway ill say thanks for the help in advance and let you know that i will read all the posts and probably make a follow up post to let you all know how it goes. So thank you <3 🙂

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