Things were good for a while. Look at me now

  January 11th, 2019 by eviewiththebpd

i need one of my friends to ask if i’m okay and they won’t, and why would they? how would they know that i’ve hurt myself for the first time in months and that i’m suicidal and that i’m getting confused about time again? how would they know that i fucked up everything with my favourite person in the world and i can’t tell her i made a mistake because that’s selfish and she deserves better? how would they know that i’d kill for some alcohol because i can’t bear to think and i just hate myself so much? i’ve decided how i’ll do it. it’ll be in my car, and i’ll be tipsy, and i’ll be listening to Wait and The Big Ship and Remember Me as a Time of Day and i’ll put my foot down as i drive along great ocean road and it will be swift and it will be simple and that will be my end

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