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Update on Me

by Todamnbad

Still here, I told you guys around January 1, I was going to end it. But didn’t. Its truly an accomplishment if you’re able to pull it off. I have failed multiple times. I have been more religious since then. As corny as it sounds, I been trying to find God and become more faithful. I used to worship the devil. But that was because all the hate I had for God. Couldn’t imagine why he would put me through so much hardship. Well I listen to a really great story, it changes my views on it, his name is John Ramirez, he has a really great story, worshipped the devil for 25 years. Practiced Santeria, casted hexs and curses on people. Invoked demons and and called the devil his dad. All the spiritual warfare is real. And a lot of religions tie into together worshipping the same entity, Jesus(Yehova) . Its funny because they just interpret the bible different. But anyways, the shit is real. I saw my first ghost as a kid, I met someone who told me he was gifted, and his third eye was open. So, he could see auras, see ghosts. So i said show me, prove it. Boy he did. We went on a 5 mile walk. On a highway full of country, fields. It was about 30 ft away. He told me look at that tree. There was nice house beside it, a barn with a post light also next to it. I saw a black figure hanging from the tree. I stared at it a solid 5 minutes. One of those things, you can’t believe your eyes. What convinced me it was swaying side to side, slowly. Okay you don’t have to believe me, but I’ll believe my on eyes. I already been to truly haunted places, which gives “we need to get the hell out of here feeling” and it wasn’t just that feeling, but the feeling of hate and evil. I been going on this spiritual journey to find God, and myself. And if the devil exists, which he does. My crazy ass invoked him, as in called him into your body. It was ultimate feeling of fear, and I believe that’s his energy, as he is truly evil. People told me, that’s not my devil. He’s the same entity, different name. Well I been worshipping Jesus the last couple days, thank God I have, I been feeling nothing but love, and honestly, its probably the greatest feeling in the world. If there is any sixth sense I have its my heart. I have always been able to feel anything spiritual there. I have felt the Devil’s hate, and felt God’s love. Well anyways, I really encourage you to look up John Ramirez, he has an amazing story, knows all the in’s and out’s of the occult. Wrote book called “Out of the Cauldron” wish i can read it, but don’t have the money. If you look him on youtube, you can find all sorts of videos of him telling his story. I know a lot of you are like me, victims of your surroundings (neighborhood, town, economy) Life is truly difficult. I been broke for months, my truck broke down, and I have to work a minimum wage job just to have money, and I have to walk in this cold ass winter. I live in Ohio. But of all the bs, have people that love you. Have a good support system, if you can have it. I’m fortunate enough to have a few family members that do care about me. This world is definitely not made for the weak. I hope all of you can make it through these tough times. One thing will happen. You will learn how to be tough, and can make it through so much bs. I have love for you guys. I tried killing myself so many times and failed. So i just put it at that, God has a purpose for me. But I wish you all can make it through. Much Love




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Counting Down 1/22/2019 - 5:07 pm

Uh… ok I’ll bite…

Firstly if you found a true faith you can believe in, that is saving you from suicide, that’s totally awesome! I don’t care if it’s space aliens, magic unicorn crystals, or some south american psychic guy who claims he’s really jesus, or whatever. I’ve wished all my life to have a faith like that, but for me just not possible. International Church of Christ got me in, convinced me I’d go to hell if I didn’t do what they said, pulled their religious abuse taking over my life, all of my finances etc, I barely got out and now trying to believe in god, any god, for me is like trying to believe santa is real. As much as I’d like to believe I know it’s never gonna happen.

and to the bitter masses who just wanna hate on all christians… look I get it, having people try and convert you or dealing with a lot of judgemental primitive beliefs is annoying, but individual christians, born again or otherwise can be some of the most giving, honest, and dependable friends you will ever make… if you can look past your own hang ups.

Lastly Mr. Todamn… I’d strongly suggest making the christian god the center of your faith and not some guy shilling books and tapes. I looked up Mr. Ramirez as you suggested and I’ll just say… this pretty much answered every question I had about him…

Todamnbad 1/23/2019 - 12:53 pm

Its not wrong to find faith, or just find something to believe in so you don’t feel so alone. You’re right you can find alot of stories like his. Had a near death experience, saw God to scared them into changing their ways. But i already had my enounters to believe what i think is real. This guy in the article sounds atheist. Knows a idea about the originality of santeria, amulets. And that can hold true, theres no backbone to Ramirez’s stories. No names of the murders he witnessed, no satan churches. And the bible can be a one big fat lie. I know that. Hitler said it long time ago. How do you get someone to believe a lie? Lies on top of lies, keep feeding them lies that can look decieving, because it looks like the lies can be supported by the truth. My grandma on her deathbed had a revelation. If aliens were proven real, extraterristal life, which they probably are, the bible would need rewritten. Plus there was already pther religions before the bible. Zoroatheism, paganism. So who know’s what the real truth of this world is. The matrix? That alien interview on youtube Project BlueBook. Really strong theology. If “nothing is existence, everything left is existence” But shit man, everything should be exposed for what it is. Anybody can write stories and then claim they are real. That’s the scary thing of death, who tf knows whats on the otherside. And how this universe exist and came to be

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