cough, sputter, start and stop

  February 11th, 2019 by heartlessviking

12 hours into what is turning into a week from heck. I mean, I’ve had more painful weeks, but rarely a week this tiring. Literally the last four days have been non stop work, or trying to work. I didn’t prepare for this dang it, and now I’ve got another four days that look just about as packed… I’m so tired….

Is it depression if you’re just so fricken tired that it would feel nice if you had a heart attack, or if in some other way the body stopped so there was no choice?!

The dang finish line for this project set is in sight, then I sleep, wake up and do the whole dang thing again, and again, and again, until somewhere in the unknown black of the future I get a day that’s mine again, until my bones brain and muscles are mine to enjoy again.

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